Meet the Makers

  • Marcel Hetu

    I've been painting since the 50's. For me it was the thing to do. At home most of my family were good at drawing. I remember when we sat around the dining room table sketching. There was no television and the radios weren't at their best, so in that sense, I consider myself lucky to have this interest.
  • Meet the Maker - Unwind Your Mind

    Unwind Your Mind strives to create top-quality natural products that include Hemp Seed oils to help you relax and unwind. 
  • Rose-Marie Cameron

    Rose-Marie is especially excited about painting semi-abstract landscapes. She has many to choose from, mainly painting with acrylic paints on wood panel or stretched canvas in many sizes. 
  • Lorelei Gertz - Recycled Karma

    "Creating pottery and painting is my "happy place." I love working with my hands and allowing myself that time to just focus on one thing."
  • Jeannette Lange - A Touch of My Heart Art

    I love to paint everything including jewelry, tiles, baubles, mugs, and blank canvases. The first time I saw alcohol inks I fell in love...the colours were so vibrant and bright. 
  • Lucille Espetveidt - HomeStyle Charm

    "I remember being at my Memere's house when I was 10 or 12. I asked her to teach me to knit, so she gave me a ball of white yarn. By the time I was done, I'm sure it was grey because of how often I had to take it apart and restart."
  • Evelyn Bordeleau - Especially by Evelyn

    "I have sewn for as long as I can remember. Sometimes I had to wait for my brother to put the motor back on the sewing machine so I could finish my projects.  He had the habit of using the motor on some of his Meccano inventions."
  • Lindsay Johnson - Handcrafted by Elle & Bee

    Lindsay Johnson of Handcrafted by Elle & Bee in her 'she shed' where she does all the wood cutting, sanding, painting and designing of her handmade decorative signs in Cold Lake, Alberta. Lindsay is passionate about her craft and has an ever-present hunger to keep learning. "Challenges motivate me and I like pushing myself out of my comfort zone."
  • Isabelle Hetu - Gallerie Hetu

    Isabelle has been hand producing textiles through sewing, quilting, weaving, crocheting and more or over 40 years. She draws satisfaction from creating pieces of functional art.