Jeannette Lange - A Touch of My Heart Art

Jeannette Lange of Bonnyville, AB. A Piece of My Heart Art
Jeannette Lange
A Touch of My Heart Art

I love to paint everything including jewelry, tiles, baubles, mugs, and blank canvases. The first time I saw alcohol inks I fell in love...the colours were so vibrant and bright. 
I was inspired to paint by my mother who started painting with oils in her 60's, proof that it is never to late to start something new. I also am inspired by my passion for travel and my love of nature...its beauty never fails to astound, Man can never replicate the beauty of God's paintbrush!

I am now gives me lots of time to dabble in art, create, and play! I can now paint to my little heart's content! I am excited to try different mediums, to learn new skills and enhance my artistic abilities. See Jeannette's work HERE

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