Marcel Hetu

I've been painting since the 50's. For me it was the thing to do. At home most of my family were good at drawing. I remember when we sat around the dining room table sketching. There was no television and the radios weren't at their best, so in that sense, I consider myself lucky to have this interest. 

As you view my works, imagine yourself in them; to some it should bring back memories, and if it does--for me it will be 'fait accompli' --mission accomplished. To me painting is a way to preserve special memories at a specific point in time. With that in mind, when you look at my work you might say 'I remember that' or 'I've heard of that'. 

Some of the subjects in my past work are no longer in the same state or even there, such as:

  • The Lac La Biche Mission
  • Rat Lake Church
  • Poulin's first log house (near Bonnyville)
  • The old school (now at the museum)
  • The bridge south of Moose Lake (where Wood Creek Resort is now) that used to be part of the road to Vergreville in the early 1900's
  • Destrube's home by Kennedy Flats, the painting was presented to Governor General Ed Schreyer
  • Durlingville Post Office (this painting graces the walls of a local home)

Find Marcel's works HERE. 

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