Lindsay Johnson - Handcrafted by Elle & Bee

Handcrafted by Elle & Bee creates custom handmade signs and decor in Cold Lake & Bonnyville, Alberta.

Lindsay Johnson of Handcrafted by Elle & Bee in her 'she shed' where she does all the wood cutting, sanding, painting and designing of her handmade decorative signs in Cold Lake, Alberta. Lindsay is passionate about her craft and has an ever-present hunger to keep learning. "Challenges motivate me and I like pushing myself out of my comfort zone." 

Lindsay is inspired by her mother who started her own craft business without any prior experience when she was Lindsay’s age. “I definitely lean on her for her expertise,” Says Lindsay. She loves bringing clients’ visions to life and seeing their delighted reactions. 

Lindsay was born into a military family and is no stranger to moving. Her favourite Lakeland businesses include Blissed Out Bath Bombs, Wicked Scents, Wheel Fit Co, Yoga Onyx, Poppy + Co., & Alley’s Creations.


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