Easy DIY Upcycled Tire Ottoman

Easy DIY Upcycled Tire Ottoman

Have your winter tires seen their last season? Looking to add functional furniture to your deck? Then this easy DIY upcycled tire ottoman project is for you! It's easy, versatile, and durable.  


  • Old tire (I used a winter tire from an F-350 truck). If you don't have old tires laying around, many tire shops will be happy to give you one (or more) for free. 
  • Solid pine round, 24" diameter x 1" thickness. I found mine at Home Hardware for $27. 
  • Casters. I used 4 x 2" stem casters, purchased online for approximately $30 and they included nuts and bolts. You could use larger casters, and you could get away with using only 3. 
  • Varathane or other sealant to seal the pine round.
  • Washers
  • Drill
  • Optional: paint for the tire or wood round. (If you're painting the tire, make sure the paint is rated for use on rubber. Here's a good article on painting tires.)
  • Optional: handles or rope to make a removable tray with the round. 


  1. Clean the tire with soapy water and a stiff brush. Allow to dry and paint if desired. 

  2. Paint, stain, or decorate the wood round if desired. Cover all sides with varathane or other clear sealant. 

  3. Optional: Make the round into a removable tray by adding drawer handles or drilling holes and adding rope handles. 

  4. Drill evenly spaced holes on the bottom of the tire. The holes should be closer to the edge of the tire, rather than close to the center. Using the washers and nuts, secure the casters to the tire.

Pine round

Easy Upcycled DIY tire ottomanEasy DIY Upcycled Tire Ottoman

         5.  Place the pine round on top of the tire and you're done!

Note: Casters come with or without brakes. I used ones with brakes, but unless you're on uneven ground, it's probably not necessary. The ottoman is heavy and unlikely to roll away in the wind.


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