Bel Amour Chocolate Covered Cherries

These chocolate covered cherries were my grandma's signature treat to make and gift around the holidays. I made them on my own for the first time last Christmas in her memory. My grandparents had a summer cabin on Moose Lake for over 60 years, first on Bonnyville Beach and then in Pelican Narrows. The Pelican Narrows cabin was made from a war barracks kit that my grandpa assembled on the lot himself. The exterior was dark red with black detailing. It had an outhouse toilet and was outfitted with odds and sods of cast-off furniture, which was great because nothing was too precious. You didn't worry too much about a still damp bathing suit or the sand between your toes. It was small, but welcomed many people. No need to knock, will that be red or white homemade wine? My grandma's maiden name was Belland, and my grandpa's last name was Lamoureux, so they combined the two and christened their cabin 'Bel Amour,' French for 'Beautiful Love.' Clearly they started the name-mashup trend to label celebrity couples. (You're welcome, Kimye.)

Grandma & Grandpa at the cabin with grandkids

(photo credit: Linda Lamoureux)

 Moose Lake, AB. cabin



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